PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver

Are you ready for your PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver Course?

Have you ever watched divers who just appear to be motionless in the water, exerting little or no effort, and then without any fuss, just move along as if floating on air?

Buoyance mastery is one of the signs of a great diver, being able to control where you are in the water column and moving seamlessly in the water.

The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Course will teach you how to achieve this. By learning how to relax during your dive, you will decrease your air consumption, thus enabling you to undertake longer dives. Furthermore, learning how to weight and trim yourself properly, so not to waste effort or energy, will also assist to decrease your air consumption too.

Outline of the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver Course:

You will receive your crew-pack when you sign onto the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Course, giving you plenty of time to study the manual, watch the DVD and complete the knowledge reviews before attending the theory session.

Your Instructor will review your knowledge reviews with you, answering any question you might have. You will then move onto how to set up your equipment, to ensure you are properly weighted and all equipment is streamlined.

Once you have completed the theory you will begin the water pool sessions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Confined Water Pool Sessions:

Once at the pool, you will assemble your equipment, remembering what you have learned in the theory sessions. Then, after entering the water, the first thing you will complete is the diver weight check at the surface.

As you descend under the water, you will start to practice what you have learned in the theory sessions.  You will practice buoyancy skills, including neutral buoyancy and hovering in the pool, making sure you are comfortable before you travel to the Open Water dive site.

Open Water Dives:

For the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Course, you will have to complete two dives in Open Water. During these dives, you will be repeating the skills that you have mastered in the pool, starting with the diver weight check at the surface.

As you descend, you will be controlling your buoyancy, before practising the Neutral Buoyancy and Hover skills. You will have plenty of time to have fun, practicing your new skills!

What’s included in your course:

  • PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver Manual

  • PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver DVD

  • All equipment hire

  • PADI Certification card


What’s not included in your course:

  • Travel to and from training locations and Open Water Dive sites: this is your responsibility.

  • Entrance fees into dive site.




Course Pre-requisites

  • Age: 10+
  • Successful completion of a medical questionnaire

PADI Deep Diver Course Cost

The cost of this course is £100.00

Next Steps

Contact ORCA Scuba Diving Academy by Telephone, Email or Social Media or drop into the dive centre.