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Dear Diary,

That was incredible, I just passed! I’m now a PADI open water diver.  I was sitting in the van counting the minutes until my first dive. I was nervous yet excited. When I got in, the cold water filled my suit and I froze! (not actually so don’t worry)When I finished dive one I felt amazing! Dive two was a repeat but with different skills. Dive one and two were at Wraysbury Lake and three and four were at St Andrews Lake. Time for travelling!

Good morning! We had Breakfast at Nel’s Cafe (it was amazing) and I was ready for dive three. Bring it on!

On the third dive I nearly drowned! Well not really, the cold water filled my face with coldness so it was hard to breathe, I couldn’t breathe actually but I felt safe at all times as Rhonda (my instructor) helped me rise to the surface. In the fourth dive I finished my mask skill and also finished everything else including my compass work. I wonder what my next challenge will be.

Rhonda was a very good instructor and helped me get through the challenge. I also want to thank my Dad because without him I wouldn’t of done this.

My message to all new divers is to persevere, have a growth mindset and never give up! I was worried at first but did it in the end!

From Diver Jamie (10 years old)